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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 16, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PST

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supporters loveim but the stuff for iran is going to be tough. >> i think people love who newt gingrich said and michelle bachmann backedim up. i think that is going to be a problem for either of them. >> and that is it for us. thanks for watching. have a good night. now, tofr my colleague sean hannity in the spin room. sean? >> sean: thank you, and welcome to the special post-debate edition of "hannity" live. several candidates duked it out on stage in the most important debate so far of the primary cycle. over next hour, you'll hear from candidates, newt gingrich, mitt romney, ron paul and michelle bachmann. first, reaction to tonight's debate. this is an important night. >> most important night this, will be the most-watched debate. you watching now are going to have the opportunity to weigh in. if you go to weigh in wayin
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there db a series of questions. weigh in. wayin. we'll have results before the program is over. let's start with front runner. newt gingrich. it's tight here in iowa. you've got gingrich, ron paul neck and neck. strongest moments, weakest moments? >> i have to start with weakest moments because the thing people are focused on with him and his relationship to freddie mac. and michelle bachmann came after him. ron paul came after him and panelists came after him. there are five straight minutes of negative on him. i'd like to replay a clip. you'll get an understanding and what is key about this, sean is that there was no sound. no applause after his... >> sean: let me ask you this. did he have a good opening? i thought he had a strong
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opening. his answer on judges what did you think? >> the answer on judges and on the pipeline wh. focused on barack obama he was at his most effective. and also, his position on iran, clearly in the main stream of the republican party. f newt, second half of the debate was redefining for him. first half was tough. >> sean: what about, he joked about editing and amusing mild words then used tough words here. it was mindless especially and irrational, i believe at this point it was on energy. responding to mitt romney. when he's on stage and he's risen to the polls because of the debates. when on stage does he counter that argument? that narrative his opponents are trying to advance? >> absolutely. he's playing a historian. and when he is put in the position of politician, and on
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defense, that is the negative he wants to try to change. for him, narrative is it about ideas or about his politics? ideas win. politics tie. >> sean: governor mitt romney? >> strongest moment for him is talking about barack obama saying the country is in decline, if he remains as president it is. if i am president it won't be. it would be the single best line in the debate z applause starts for him. she did not attack. and his focus was on barack obama. that is what the audience wants. not to go after newt gingrich. >> sean: and general observation. there are opportunities to go after each other. the only candidate that made a decision that they were going to go after someone was michelle bachmann again newt gingrich on life and you mentioned earlier, freddie mac. you've been -- focus groups says that has not been playing
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well. >> republicans, their one focus is on president obama. they're so desperate to change the leadership of the country. to them, it weakens you and makes you less likely to defeat this president. >> sean: mitt romney there is a poll out saying only 25% view him as conservative. 59 view him as more conservative candidate. that issue came up tonight in the debate. did he do a good job of maybe trying to win over some of the undecided voters? maybe had doubt about whether or not his values are rooted in the principle conservatism? >> a couple questions about changing on issues i've never seen him so good explaining changes. newt defines himself as reagan conservative, ron paul, civil liberties conservative. rick santorum, conviction conservative. and michelle bachmann, female
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conservative. my favorite, rick perry, tim tebow conservative. >> good line. >> romney talked about gm, the government went in and laid off people it was a good analogy to what his job was. i just thought romney was steady and consistent. of the debates, i think this was the best. >> sean: all right. let's go to third-tier candidates. michelle bachmann, rick santorum. governor perry. not been doing as well in polls. did they help the cause tonight? any of the three? >> governor perry had the best laugh lines and appeared the most relaxed i've seen him. michelle bachmann was an attack, attack. >> sean: did that help her? >> it doesn't help her gain more votes. it's not what republicans want to hear santorum -- it doesn't help you're at the end, he had legs time to speak.
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and there weren't any memorable lines. >> sean: let's go to ron paul. very different policy. and he is seems to be animated. did he help bring anyone, except his strong, loyal supporters, did he win anyone over tonight to his side that is maybe not the strongest supporter going in? >> he talked about cutting a trillion dollars. >> sean: when you add foreign policy? >> first half, yes. second half, he loses them. and with republican primary he destroys himself on foreign policy and national security. but the fact is that vast majority of republicans want a strong military and they want investment there. ron paul is talking about cutting it by half. >> good to see you thank you. >> we'll come back and that is why the end of the show. coming up, candidates are now entering behind me here in the spin room. newt gingrich will be up first,
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then, later you're going to hear from mitt romney, and michelle bachmann and more, we're live in iowa as we continue. the markets never stop moving.
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i've been working on this project since 2002 when the 9th circuit court said one nation under god is unconstitutional, pledge of
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allegiance and i thought if they thought it was wrong they shouldn't be on the court. now we have... a short course in the university of georgia law school. i testified in front of sitting supreme court justices of georgetown law school. i warned them, you keep attacking the core base of american exceptionalism you're going to find an uprising against you that will rebalance the judish yairy. and we do not have a dictatorship in this country. >> welcome back to this special edition of "hannity" live from sioux city, iowa. joining me now is the candidate now leading in the polls, former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. welcome to the show. >> great to be with you. it was a good debate. so there is a camaraderie up there. it may not seem that way but we're on a journey together. i think it was very good. >> sean: i did notice at times it was seemingly opening for
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people to go after you. they didn't take it. one person going after you more than anyone was michelle bachmann. >> yes. i think everybody has their own style. i think that you know, because we're, i like rick perry and mitt and i have gotten closer, john huntsman and i did a great debate. a lot of fun. so there is a camaraderie z i think the toughest answers are being run by ron paul. it's hard to dislike ron paul. he is who he is. >> sean: it's very interesting. at one point they're asking you about temperment and running for president and whether or not you're disciplined enough. do you think that you stayed disciplined and not going negative maybe you're proving some that have is false? >> i think people goring to watch us and they will render
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judgment. you know, you've seen me most of my career, i'm very disciplined. i work very, very hard. i have a real sense of purpose. and it is true, when you're trying to get something as big as balancing the budget for four straight years you do zig zagging. i was dealing with a liberal democratic president, some of the guys saying well, wait a minute you did things that bill clinton was willing to sign, well, yeah. do you want to get to a balanced budget with a democratic president we've got to find some way to find common ground that will work. >> sean: i found tonight was the first time you honed in on the past record and wanted to get your side of the story out. i wanted to give you an opportunity to respond to michelle bachmann in one more sense, she seemed to take offense when you said it was untrue some of the allegations she was making about pro-life and earlier case about freddie mac. you say you're not a lobbyist. she's claiming you're
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influence bid them. >> it's false. and it's false for practical reason. i've had a broad enough base of activities, and written 24 books, made seven movies. i have zero reason to ever once try to say to someone please give me money i'll go represent you. on any form. what i have done is i've said what i believe the part gleedz to hear. i've said what i think the country needs to here. i spent six years working with the bush administration on health and national security for free. >> sean: what did you do for freddie mac? >> i advised them on two things. how do you expect government-sponsored enterprises and second how do you design a program that enables the poor to be able to afford to get into housing? my focus is how -- i came out of a background of habitat for humanity. how do you teach budgeting and how to set money aside and take care of the house? i watched families that don't
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have much money they know how to take care of a house. they can have a bigger, much better house. than a family that doesn't understand how to take care of a house. >> sean: let me go back to the words you used about judiciary. you said arrogant. and should not have a dictatorship. it's interesting because that had not come up in predays of the debate. >> i commended megan kelly for raising it and staying on it. i think probably since lincoln's debates in 1861 you've seen a presidential candidate in this kind of a setting talking about in depth about the need to rebalance the judiciary z in a very serious not just railing against liberal judges but saying the attitude is out of sync. they're not dictators.
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they don't define the constitution. they're one of three co-equal branches we're promised they'd be the weakest of the three whismt look at judge barry in san antonio who on june 1 said to students not only can you not pray at graduation, you cannot use the word benediction, you cannot mention god. if you break these, i will pull your superintendent in jail. i thought this is an anti-american ruling that. guy shouldn't be on the bench. >> sean: you said yesterday to me interviewing you on the radio you had responded to mitt romney you and said you felt you've got off your message. in other words for the day. saying you're zany. you were joking aboutn' aboutn't -- about it tonight when you said zany. and what did you mean by that?
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is that you got... >> for a brief moment, frankly it got under my skin. i responded in a twhai made no sense. and made some reverences to date i've said it's a good businessman. and i was, you know, he got that round. scoring rounds of boxing i give that round to mitt but i then spent a day thinking it through. we issued a letter this campaign from day one has been based on very big solutions and a relentlessly positive approach. people know i work with that. >> sean: how do you get, if you become nominee how will you convince barack obama with a lincoln-douglas style debate, seven of them. how are you going to get barack obama to agree. >> if he hasn't agreed by the time on second speech, i will announce as of that evening
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the white house is my schedule. and whenever he goes i will show up four hours later and take part his speech until he agrees to a debate. >> sean: you believe that will force him to -- . >> that is what lincoln did to douglas, i'm prepared to do it to obama. >> sean: mr. speaker good to see you. >> thank you very much. >> coming up former massachusetts governor, i'm going to tell him you said you are giving him that round. >> sean: still to come tonight, former governor romney and much more, please stay with us.
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this is a president believes the next kentry is a post-american century. he's wrong. it has to be the american century. america has to lead the free world. and the free world has to lead the entire world. the right course under president obama's plans is to shrink our military, if we april ease or accommodate the tireants of the world, the world will be safer, you're wrong. >> and welcome back to this
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special edition of "hannity" we're live in sioux city, iowa. now, mitt romney began making his case into why he believes he's the best candidate to take on president barack obama in 2012. join joining me now is governor romney. good to see you. >> hi, sean g to see you. >> sean: newt gingrich was just on. he said you guys have gotten closer. >> and has come to respect you a lot. and he said when he responded to you yesterday which i asked him about he said he shouldn't have responded he gave that round to you. so... >> that is very nice of him. look. i can handle anytng that gets thrown because i know what going to come from president obama is going to be tougher, i've got broad shoulders and i can handle it. it's appropriate to talk about
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various difference wez have on stage. most people take a chance to get an opportunity to see what we believe. but this is the time foreclosing arguments here in iowa. people goring to be voting in just weeks and i want them to hear why i ought to be the nominee. >> sean: i took note of is that you went after the president and said he was weak talking about foreign policy. you went at him in a strong way tonight. and do you think he is weak as a president? well, greatest threat america faces in the near term is a nuclear iran. and if we ask about have we d and the answer is no. the president had an engagement policy and things have gotten worse with iran. they're moving towards nuclear capability. and supplied hezbollah, taliban. and then, we progress to peace in israel. are we closer there? he was very critical of
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president bush for not establishing a middle east peace agreement. we're no closer than we were under president bush. and look at the relationship we have russia. they continue to be abresive. china is becoming assertive this, president failed us in important arenas in the world. >> after the debate we had frank luntz on. he said and thought tonight was your best performance. do you feel this was a strong night for you? do you feel you gain confidence? did you feel that your self? >> we've had i don't know. 10, 12, 13 debates? i'm pleased with debates before this. you can't shape which questions you get. so some are probably better than others but this is a good chance for me, and i think others to describe about many of the party. the questions are our
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capabilities that. is a good thing. >> sean: there is a lot you agree on together here, one thing i didn't know that i learned but tonight and i like to think i know everything about you. how do you know it was 85% democratic legislature in massachusetts? i didn't know the process of selecting judges. the question came up three quarters of the judge are democrats i didn't know that included a lot of democrats. >> yes. my legislature when i recognize you've got 85% democrats in the legislature at my veto can be overturned and will. i vetoed 800 times in massachusetts. but legislature has power just to say wait a minute. i found ways to use my power. i have some power and i found persuasiveness and built a relationship with respect with leaders so we're able to work
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together. it's very different governing in a state where your legislature is the most one-sided democratic legislature, i believe in the country versus one where you have all republicans. >> sean: i watched the last debate on saturday night. and i thought that was a good debate z then, i am watching the spin immediately there after. the big news coming out tonight is mitt romney made a $10,000 bet with rick perry. i'm thinking how many times i've done that, quite often. and a little petty, what did you think of the reaction to that? were you surprised that became an issue? >> you can't gauge what is going to get focused upon. and what -- if you will what main stream media is going to try to think up. and you know you sort of laugh at that and brush it aside. and afterwards they give you a
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hug and kiss and said mitt there are a lot of things you do well. betting isn't one of them. >> and i almost did that when i threw black jack. >> and you talked about something that got my attention tonight. talking about an american century and then, comparing it to barack obama not america in decline. do you think the world is viewing america in decline? >> no question. >> sean: how do you turn it into an american century? talking about 180 degree turn around? most americans think their kids would not be better off and don't have to hand off a stronger count rye two influence to making this are one, our values and our commit tomt principal pells and freedom of opportunity. a merit-based society. a family-oriented society. other input is an economy that leads the world. for that to happen we have to make america the best place in the world for innovation,
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entrepreneurs, for business, small and large. this president has made america less and less attractive for investment and innovation z as a result it's going elsewhere. so that is what we have to do to make this an american century. >> sean: the president has been moving class warfare as you know. because republicans want all people, kids with autism and down's syndrome to fend for themselves. >> it's shameful. >> sean: how do you counter that? >> i think the president has gone from being a failed presidency, a guy over his head to someone so desperate he's doing things that are very much counter to the interest of the country and he knows it. in the past i think he was discounted now he knows his decision for afghanistan to pull the troops earlier than commanders suggested was not a wide thing for the country.
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he knows and in order to hold on to his power he's willing to tip his hat to the lobby in his party. it's an unveiling that is not a flattering picture. >> sean: how important is iowa. you're leading in new hampshire. it's tight here in iowa. one poll today was one point very close. how important is it? what position do you need to come in here? >> this is going to fly in the face of what everybody wants to see, this state is be all, end all, everybody wants to win iowa. you know, we hope to do that. the truth is that this is going to go for a while. we've got to get 1100 contributions the way the democrat dz. this can go on quite a well. i hope to do well early and get support of iowa. but i'm counting on getting every state. i won't get early states. i want to get as much support as i can and i want to make
2:31 am
sure if big states come along i've got resources to carry the campaign forward to become the nominee. >> sean: thank you very much, appreciate it. >> good to see you. >> sean: we're live in sioux city iowa. when we come back, ron paul will join me on the set. as we continue.
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>> i would be a different kind of president. everybody wants to be a powerful executive and run things. i don't want to run the world. and i don't want to run the economy. so that is a different philosophy but it's very, very much in our tradition and in the tradition of our constitution. >> sean: welcome back to sioux city iowa tonight. g.o.p. hopefuls outlining
2:36 am
their vision to get america back on track. joining me now is texas congressman ron paul g to see you. >> nice to see you. >> sean: i noticed you never gave a full answer to the question will you promise if you don't win this nomination and you're doing well here in iowa. that you'll support the republican nominee and not run third party? >> i'll give the same answer i've given 39 times now. i have no intention of doing thachl i plan to do my very best ask see what happens. i'm not making... >> sean: i don't want to push you too hard. it leaves the door open. you're leaving the door open? >> i don't like to say i absolutely will never do such and such. >> sean: you support the u.s. constitution. >> it's true it's different than pledging two politicians. >> sean: you know if you ran third party, you probably siphon off some of the
2:37 am
anti-obama vote. >> won't it be fair to ask moderate republicans the same question? sean anderson dropped out and ran. >> sean: no intention means the door is o you're saying the door is open? a little? >> well, the door, i can't conceive of it. >> sean: okay. >> there is no plans or thoughts to do it. >> sean: paul came up and got heated on the issue of national security and iran. with irans killing americans in iraq you argue we shouldn't have been there. they're fighting prochsy wars through hezbollah and other trift organizations planning an assassination of a saudi ambassador on our soil. they have said they want to wipe israel off the map. why do you think it won't be dangerous if they got a nuclear weapon? >> i don't want them to get a nuclear weapon. i don't think we should deal
2:38 am
with that. and as far as thinking that that should be the whole issue i think you're losing the point because there are a lot of nuclear weapons around the world. as a matter of fact there are quotes about wiping israel off the map. look it up and check the interpretation. they talk about getting rid of the regime. >> sean: he said eliminate the state of israel. wipe them off the face of the earth. >> he said getting rid of the regime and removed from the pages of time is different than israel... >> sean: are you s.he a holocaust denier? >> okay. no. i think they're acting in self-defense. ehud barak said they're acting in their self interest. if he was an iranian he'd
2:39 am
probably think the same way them have a lot to contend with. iraq said they're surrounded by nuclear missles but there is a gross distorgs in this debate they're on the verge of a nuclear weapon. >> sean: you talk about a declaration of war. i read the constitution. it doesn't say have you to use exact words. george bush got auj saigs of use of force. >> it was explicit to go after those responsible. i voted for it. i voted for that. >> sean: dihear you say tonight and i wrote it down, i will admit we killed millions of iraqis? >> it was estimated the subject when bombing during 90s, they said there are 500,000 iraqi children died because of our bombing and sanctions and blowing up water
2:40 am
plants she said but that is the price to say we have to. 10 years we're bombing them, don't you think we'd be annoyed if someone bombed us for 10 years? so in spare son they said we have killed a lot of people. what if they did that to us? it's not self-defense. >> sean: i believe no country has shed more blood in defense of freedom for muslims in than the united states and no country accumulated more power and abuse of. this came up in 2008 when you ran. i've asked every question of newt gingrich involving his background and controversies and everything. same with mitt romney. i admire your supporters but when i brought up the news letters from the early 90s, and really outrageous things have been written in there. you had gone on record saying you had no idea what is in them.
2:41 am
that kind of surprised me. why do you not take responsibility for the thing that's were in your news letters? >> in 2002 the texas monthly reviewed that and they wrote a article. it's a real liberal newspaper. read that and you'll find out. i did not write it. and doi not support those views and they're painted and makes me think i'm a racist or something i'm the greatest degrernd of civil liberties when it comes to inequities in our jude dishl system with blacks and drug wars. the number of blacks who get the death penalty. >> sean: one last question. do you know who did write it? do you refute what was in the letter? >> i do not. i do not believe any that have stuff. how about how many? -- toum, anniversary of the
2:42 am
tea party very important thing. the tea party started four years ago. >> sean: for supporters i asked every other candidate questions of controversy as well. good to see you mr. paul. >> take care. >> and we still have lots more to come tonight we're live in sioux city iowa tonight. coming up next texas governor rick perry is here. we'll check in with michelle bachmann on the offense tonight, that and more straight ahead.
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there are a lot of folk that's said tim tebow wasn't going to be a good nfl quarterback saying he's not playing right. and you know he won who national championships. that looked pretty good. we're national champions in job creation. am i ready for the next level? i hope i am the tim tebow of
2:47 am
the iowa caucuses. >> and joining me now is the texas governor rick perry how are you? tim tebow? he likes to run the ball a lot. whatever it takes. >> i think tim is the same kind of guy. i love him. i love he's been a man of faith who is not afraid to stand up and pro claim his faith. he says he's a great american in my opinion. second best player on the denver broncos. >> and i spoke to him the other day and said i am pulling for you in all of the games. you know? he's a good role model. >> they ve been paying a lot more attention to denver now. >> sean: what is funny in the beginning of this you, the question came up whether or not you're a good debateor ready to go up against barack obama. and maybe i'm very sympathetic
2:48 am
to this because i'm on radio three hours per day, tv one hour right here on fox. i had a brain freeze moment. i thought the media made so much of that. you seem to have found your footing. do you feel more comfortable? >> oh. yeah. i'm not going sit and try to analyze why or what have you. i know last two, three debates, everyone has been better. i think conversations we've had tonight on the stage about plep preparations whoever the nominee is going to be very prepared to stand up and contrast them self was this president that has driven he america into the ditch. >> sean: i thought you had a good reaction to the concept of a part time congress. >> people get it and it works.
2:49 am
when official response is don't talk about that. we need to be up here, if they'll think about it, being back home, having a regular job, spending time with your constituents cut that pay was because that is a type of term limit n state of texas our legislature only meets 140 days every other year we're paid $600 a month. average length of time i want to say is about six years people go back home. i think the same thing will happen in washington, d.c. if we go to a part time congress and i think americans are ready for it. our country will be better off. >> you said two things a part time congress and first of all there is a balanced budget amendment that reigns in spending. >> you've got it. our plan we laid out there is
2:50 am
a flat tax of 0%. we talked about cutting spending. and 18% of gross domestic product by 2020. you pass that amendment that does exactly like you're talking with out allowing for more spending and the tax plan we get that country back on track in a hurry. with the energy industry i thought the panel did a good job as talked about energy being a key owe get america back on track. >> how important is iowa? how well to run a lot of ads here in the last number of weeks. >> over the course of the next eight days taking a break for christmas. >> sean: in iowa? >> owe, yes sir. i'm in iowa until january 3 except for three days at home to celebrate christmas with my family, then back here 27th until january 3. a lot of. >> i wans are going to have a
2:51 am
chance to shake my hand talk and ask me questions. i think with momentum from the debate and ground game here we're going to surprise the people in iowa. >> sean: governor, good to see you god bless you, merry christmas. >> mer merry christmas to you, too and michelle bachmann is coming up next as we continue our post debate spin room show. we're live as
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we know without a shadow of a doubt iran will take a nuclear weapon and use to it wipe our allies, israel off the map and say they'll use it against the united states of america look no further than the iranian constitution which states their mission is to extend jihad across the world and to set up the world wide galaxy. we'd be fools to ignore their purpose and their plan. >> sean: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity" that was minnesota congress woman michelle bachmann. how are you? good to see you thank you. >> we have had ron paul and, i like the idea we have a
2:55 am
trillion dollars. there is foreign policy scares me, iran is trying to get nuclear weapons and they're fighting proxy wars. they did kill american soldiers in iraq. they did want to assassinate an ambassador on the soil. president obama is begging for a drone back. he it's a little frightening. what would you do if you're president now? >> as president of the united states i'd have every option on the table. we won't be in the position we're in now because president obama gave iran the worst gift he can give them. luxury of time. unimpeded two and a half, three years have been confronting a nuclear weapon. the world knows this. this isn't a shock. for congressman paul with all due respect to him, i have a lot of respect for him, but he's absolutely wrong. can you imagine getting this wrong? this is changing history.
2:56 am
>> sean: i believe him when he says he wants to wipe israel off the face of the earth. he says perhaps i need to look at the interpret taigs of mahmoud ahmadinejad's remarks. >> he said it in august and in september. he was here at the un general assembly and said once again he is going to eradicate israel off the face of the map. if there is anything that is when a madman speaks we'd better listen. >> sean: it's interesting tonight. because going into this i would have bet that the debate would have been more confrontational. only person that was willing to go after people in this debate seems like people are voiding do you you wanted to go after newt gingrich on specific issues. abortion one of them. freddie mac and fannie mae in the earlier part of the debate. he was refuting everything you
2:57 am
said saying you didn't have your facts right saying there is a 98.5% voting record saying he's in the a lobbiest what is your answer to his rebuttal? >> well, it was insulting for him to say that. my facts aren't wrong, we have facts and put it out in the media. the fact is that in 1998 the republican national committee wanted to pass a resolution saying they weren't going give money or funding to any republican candidate if they support partial birth abortion. newt gingrich boldly strolled in and said i am going to campaign and i am going to support any republican candidate if they support the procedure of partial birth abortion that. is what he did z you heard newt gingrich tonight admit as much. he said i wasn't going to stand for a purge. he didn't say that, but he did make the admission and did make that remark. that is remarkable.
2:58 am
>> sean: the difference between his position and whether or not the republican party will have a litnus test on whether abortion or a part of the abortion debate. >> partial-birth abortion is the most reprehensible act there is. this is a major issue. the public understood across the united states then that the republican party wasn't going to get after other republicans that were for partial-birth abortion. this hurt us as a party. it's because of newt gingrich saying he's going to campaign for people who backed partial-birth abortions. i'd never do that. that is why i brought up... >> sean: waterloo. >> i warks you won the straw poll. how important is your showing on january 3? >> i think very important. we're starting a 99-county tour tomorrow. every county in iowa. we're
2:59 am
going to do it over next 10 days and i am looking forward to... >> sean: you're not going to campaign on christmas day, are you? >> not christmas day or christmas eve. >> tgif, everyone. it is friday, december 16th. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for sharing part of your friday morning with us. mitt romney bypassing newt gingrich to focus on one man, one other man. >> the president thinks america is in decline. it is if he's president. it's not if i'm president. >> but newt didn't get a pass from the other candidates. all the debate highlights for you straight ahead. >> like this highlight. michelle bachmann. a special moment for her. >> we know that he cashed paychecks from freddie mac. that's the best evidence that you can have. >> sometimes congresswoman bachmann doesn't get her facts very accurate. >> who was rit?


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